“Petit à Petit”: Tournées French Film Festival

Last week I attended one of the films screened by the French Department’s Tournées French Film Festival. “Petit à Petit” (1971) showcases everything director Jean Rouche was renowned for: his surrealism, ethnographic methods, and deep love for Francophone West Africa. A quick Google search pegs the film as a humorous account of the cross-cultural interactions that ensue […]

“Implications of Brexit for Ireland”

Today, April 2nd, I attended a CIS lunch and lecture by Consul General Adrian Farrell. The event came at an interesting time for those following Brexit– while negotiations have progressed since they began in June last year, little light has been shed on the Irish border issue (something that I’m sure Mr. Farrell, his nation, […]

“Into the Mainstream: Explaining the Rise of Radical Populist Parties in Europe”

On May 2, I attended a lecture by Dr. Reinhard Heinisch from the University of Salzburg. As a renowned scholar of European politics, he offered a diverse and interesting account of the highly publicized phenomenon of once-fringe populist parties gaining considerable traction throughout Europe. I’m familiar with right-wing populists parties such as the French National Front, […]

“Ukraine- Still Looking Westward?”

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of Soviet Union, and while Russia makes the nightly news every-so-often (and more frequently lately), I personally don’t know much about the state of its former satellite countries. But on March 8 I attended a CIS event titled “Ukraine- Still Looking Westward? Relations with the EU, the United […]

CIS Forum on Democracy

On February 23, I attended the “Forum on Democracy” hosted by the College of International Studies. The event aimed to open up a dialogue on the present state of our democracy and possible threats to it– namely, our current President Donald Trump and his administration. While the planned panelists and their topics (titled “Checks and […]