“Into the Mainstream: Explaining the Rise of Radical Populist Parties in Europe”

On May 2, I attended a lecture by Dr. Reinhard Heinisch from the University of Salzburg. As a renowned scholar of European politics, he offered a diverse and interesting account of the highly publicized phenomenon of once-fringe populist parties gaining considerable traction throughout Europe. I’m familiar with right-wing populists parties such as the French National Front, […]

“Ukraine- Still Looking Westward?”

I’ve always been fascinated by the history of Soviet Union, and while Russia makes the nightly news every-so-often (and more frequently lately), I personally don’t know much about the state of its former satellite countries. But on March 8 I attended a CIS event titled “Ukraine- Still Looking Westward? Relations with the EU, the United […]

Macron’s Triumph: A Victory for More Than Just France

This past Sunday, May 7, witnessed a much-needed victory in world news. France’s centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron took over 2/3s of the nation’s vote, securing his place as its next leader. Perhaps the collective sigh at seeing the results was less for Macron himself, though, and more in reaction to dodging a major bullet. […]

Toussaint and a Tragic Clash of Cultures

   (click on image above to access the link to the article) I was scrolling through some articles on the New York Times website, and this one, “The Boy, the Ambassador and the Deadly Encounter on the Road,” written by Helene Cooper, was particularly compelling. The tragic story of six-year-old Toussaint, who was struck by […]

I Was a NISO Peer Mentor, This is What I Learned

This semester I explored a new international group on campus when I applied to serve as a NISO Peer Mentor. NISO, the New International Student Orientation, hosts Crimson Connection, workshops, Game Nights, and other social events aimed at easing the cultural transition for the university’s international students. Throughout the semester, I kept up with my […]

BREXIT: A Question of British Identity

About a month ago, I attended a lecture by English philosopher Sir Roger Scruton titled “Brexit and the Future of the European Idea.” Other than a basic definition of the term, I lacked an understanding of the profound legal and economic repercussions that the UK’s monumental vote to leave the EU would mean. Furthermore, I […]

“The Clash of Civilizations?”

I recently completed the online course “When Religion Becomes Evil” within the College of Liberal Studies at the University. It’s no surprise that much of the course content goes hand-in-hand with global affairs. Religious communities offer a rich culture in themselves; their ideals often come to define entire sets of people, transcending national and regional […]